Tuesday, 13 December 2011


after many weeks pondering,
all is now finished.
3 characters have evolved,
another is in the wings.
they are currently paper dolls,
2 dimensional elements
in plastic sleeves,
waiting for me to breathe
some air into them,
to give them form and texture,
movement and substance,
to release them
from the page
and bring them to life.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

costume extravaganza and super sewing!

creative adrenilin rushes over the past weeks finishing, organising, dressing, designing and sewing costumes.
from bustles to showgirls then pirates and mermaids!
tiring, but oh so healthy and fulfulling!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

ode to creative writing

portrait chinois

si j'etais un paysage, je serai un desert
si j'etais une  forme de transport, je serai un vieiux 4x4 rouille
si j'etais un habitat, je serai une vieille maison rustique
si j'etais un stylo, je serai une plume a l'ancienne

chinese portrait

if i was a landscape, i'd be the desert
(there's more than meets the eye)
if i was a form of transport, i'd be a rusty old four wheel drive
(for going walkabout)
if i was a habitat, i'd be a rustic old house
(comfort with a history)
if i was a pen, i'd be an old style quill
(dipped and redipped in wine coloured ink)

to be continued...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

thoughts on style...and design homework!

the task is to observe a costume element you find appealing, while out and about and to photograph or sketch it.

What stands out?  what do i tend to pick up on?

Beauty in imperfection – a crooked nose, an unusual feature, any kind of beauty that doesn’t fit in with accepted perceptions, (what is that anyway?).

Eccentricities - general craziness helps, how do we visually display this?

Weirdness - we all have quirks, they are often wonderful!

All mixed up – sometimes getting it all wrong, makes it so right! Anything can go.

Hair styles and colour – I’ve had my fair share of ‘doos’ and am always fascinated by others. Red is a personal favourite, but it’s all good.

Painted skin, particularly words in different languages – makes me think of ‘The Pillow Book’, creates mystery and depth and history.

Shoes - they really can make or break, like a foul mouth or a cigarette.

                                                   girls on the train

i also sketched a girl with a pink streak in her hair, matching skirt and purple tights, mmm, lets compare ourselves to lollies!


I like that dorky feeling about snapping strangeness, even in approaching people…reminds me of my humanness, clumsiness, its grounding and humbling.

Being/feeling driven

Being firmly prodded has always been healthy and inspiring for me. It urges me on and helps me push myself that little bit further. Feeling part of a creative group is always enriching. Alone, all the ideas are there, it’s starting and maintaining a steady pace, despite daily distractions, which is challenging!

  • i figure we are mostly attracted to what we like ourselves, though there are exceptions!
  • in the past, i have frustratedd certain persons for not having an opinion about someones style choices...(if you are happy and feel good, makes no difference what i think.)
  • if we don't have the nerve to be who we are, then we're living a lie and losing a part of ourselves...to regrets and what ifs, life is for living!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

design frontier

it seems my thoughts have been floating in other places since 2008!  scattered no doubt in numerous journals and semi-forgotten web profiles...i'm not so good at the web thang, i come and go, i mean i like webs and mapping, journals are part of life, but it's like film soundtracks, they don't happen by themselves!
anyway,,,,,, design will be the focus for the next few months, costume design in particular, some ideas are already present, which is how i found myself here again.  i must contact a stranger.