Thursday, 28 August 2014


1. To invite or take part in a test of skill or strength
2. To make demands on

Sometimes it is not so much that we feel challenged, but that small things can become challenging without us even realising.
The only thing challenging me today is my head cold.  Sniffles, sneezes and sore nose!
However, this cold has given me...time,
and time has allowed me to be inspired.

As often happens, for me at least, inspiration comes from reading.  Today I finished Sally Wise's book A Year on the Farm, which led to...

Vanilla cinnamon biscuits
Two vegetable quiches and a cottage cheese and oat loaf,

Mango and passion fruit muffins and some dark rye bread.
I had some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and gave Herman a stir.
In a few days, Herman will become a sourdough cake.

So one never knows where their reading might take them.
I love my reading adventures.  I can't help getting excited about books.
They have taught me so much and taken me so far.

Despite being part of a couple of book clubs, it is not easy finding others who get as equally excited over a good read.  I know you are all out there, but getting even a small handful of you over once a month for book club is becoming challenging!

More book related challenges; reading daily, reading in French as much as in English, remembering what I've read...
Then there are those other types of challenges; exercise regularly, drink more water, smile, gardening, next house project, finish all those creative projects...